Cleaning and Maintaining Your Roof

Your roof is the largest part of your house and you need to protect it with regular inspections and cleaning at least two times a year. You should do this in the fall to make sure that your roof is ready for the cold weather and then in the spring to make sure it held up to the hardships of winter. If you have had a heavy snowfall or a bad windstorm, you may have to check it after the incident. To know what maintenance is required look carefully at your roofing warranty and homeowner’s insurance policy. If you cannot do the roof cleaning and maintenance yourself, hire a professional roof cleaner

If you decide that you are going to do the cleaning yourself, make sure that you start working from the top and down. Make sure that your ladder is sturdy and have some watching as you clean the roof so if something does happen there will be someone there to help. Wear goggles, gloves, and slip proof shoes. Try to avoid walking on the surface of the roof as much as possible and when on the roof wear rubber-soled shoes.

When you are on the top of your roof, there are things you need to watch for.

• If you have just had a big snowstorm, use a special snow rake to pull the excess snow off to help relieve the pressure on the structure of the roof. Do not climb on the roof and try to shovel the snow off. You could slip and fall off the roof.
• Remove any debris like sticks and leaves from the roof using a broom.
• If there is moss, algae, or fungus n your roof scrub them off using a long-handled brush. If you leave them, they will eat your roof material. You can prevent them from returning by installing control strips made from cooper, lead, or zinc.
• If you have trees near your roof trim off any branches that are overhanging on the roof. In a storm, they could fall onto the roof, or be a convenient bridge to allow animal pests climb on the roof.
• When doing cleaning look at the bird population around your roof. The droppings from birds have a high acid content. This can eat away at the material of your roof. Their nests can also block your drains, which can cause a blockage that could result in standing water on your roof and drains. The weight of this excess water could cause your roof to collapse. When you are removing nests or dropping it is advisable to wear a breathing mask to help avoid inhaling contaminants.
• Check for any cracked, loose, missing, curled, or blistered shingles

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